Tell me, where is Xur?


I have not yet arrived, but in less than a weeks time, I hope to be here again.


Where has Xur appeared?

Xur first arrived on September 12, 2014. Since then Xur has arrived to sell its wares 132 times in 7 locations. Out of all those arrivals, where has Xur appeared the most?

Strange Coin

Where to find Strange Coins?

The primary form of currency Xur accepts for its wares is Strange Coins, and is the only merchant to do so. Strange Coins can be earned many different ways in the world of Destiny.

  • Faction Reputation rewards (4 Strange Coins each level up)
  • Opening chests in the Prison of Elders
  • Completing Weekly Nightfall Strikes
  • Opening Chests on Patrol (random chance)
  • Turning in Bounties (random chance)
  • Crucible match rewards (random chance)
  • Decrypting Engrams (random chance)
  • Achieve a Gold rating on completed Public Events (random chance)
  • Completing the "Strange Transmissions" missions while on Patrol

Where to find Silver Dust?

As of the Rise of Iron expansion, Xur's second form of currency is Silver Dust used to purchase ornaments to change the appearance of a Guardian's weapons. Silver Dust can be obtained in the following ways within the world of Destiny.

  • Opening Radiant Treasures (earned from SIVA Heroic Strikes)
  • Dismantling Weapon Ornaments
  • Dismantling Armor Ornaments
Silver Dust